Chasing the Summer Sun

As we slowly start to bid the summer sun goodbye, maybe we can squeeze in one more breezy look before we transition into sweaters and autumn jackets. Here’s a beautiful look put together by Yana of La Vie du Papillon  that we shot on Melrose Avenue not too long ago. The setting sun created a beautiful, soft natural glow to the look, adding an angelic mood to the images. 

Despite my love for summer, I do admit that I’m looking forward to the fall. I love the smell of falling leaves, coziness of fuzzy blankets with hot cocoa, and having to put in my fun winter socks even when I sleep. I think I’m just about ready for the new season to begin, although, with how unpredictable LA weather can be, I’m pretty sure the heat waves will continue for a while longer.

LAPhotographer LAPhotographerLAPhotographer LAPhotographer

Love that the soft breeze made her dress float!

LAPhotographer LAPhotographer

LAPhotographer LAPhotographer

LAPhotographer LAPhotographer


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