Engagement: Pasadena City Hall

Love filled the air on this late summer day in Pasadena City Hall. [J] and [A] chose this beautiful, historic location to capture their love. We made sure to do this beautiful session on a weekday, as it can get very busy on Fridays and the weekends (so I highly suggest booking a session on a weekday at this location). Pasadena City Hall has a lot to offer, ranging from architecture to a bit of greenery.

I love capturing the ‘sillyness’ of a group, whether it’s a family, couple or friends! Acting silly usually leads to laughter and authentic smiles, which is priceless in family photography!

Lucky for us, the roses were in bloom!
No photography session at the Pasadena City Hall is complete without capturing the stunning ceiling of the building. We had beautiful light shining through the arch, turning our gorgeous couple into a angelic silhouette.
Congratulations again to the happy couple!


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