Annual Brunch

Every so often, we come across influential people who are on their way to conquering the world. Alright, that might be slightly over-exaggerated but I feel I’ve been fortunate to meet some inspiring people in my life. I’m happy to say that I met such inspiring people at the annual brunch at the beautiful Westlake Village Inn.



Founded by Debbie Wilderoe, is a local organization that focuses on bringing together professional women in the Los Angeles area, encouraging each of us to further grow professionally and personally. I was introduced to the group by my dear friend, Candice, who had Debbie as her mentor back in her Pepperdine University days. Candice spoke very highly of Debbie and but it wasn’t until May of this year when I finally met her and the rest of the ladies. As a new member to the group, I decided to introduce myself as a photographer and offer my photography services at the event. The venue itself was so beautiful that it was tempting not to take photos!




Debbie did a fantastic job hosting the event. It held approximately 40-50 people, which was still intimate enough to get to know everyone in the room. I was amazed at how strong-minded and confident each of the ladies were when speaking about their businesses, industries and passions. I met people from various backgrounds, including beauty salon owners, real estate agents, marketing experts, consultants, graphic designers… you name it! If it weren’t for an event like, I probably never would’ve had the opportunity to speak to such women (unless I was specifically looking for such experts from a consumer perspective.) Nevertheless, I had a great time taking photos of the event, and unlike other events I’ve covered where I’m constantly bouncing from place to place, I was actually able to stop and get to know some of the women too 🙂






And thank you, Sprinkles, for bringing in yummy cupcakes for us ladies to devour on 🙂

Can’t wait for the next event – and curious to where the venue will be next time!


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