Family: Mommy & Me in Tree People Park

In celebration of Bizzle’s 2nd (!!) birthday, my dear friend, Fatema, asked me to capture fun images of her son’s shining personality and true self through candids (my favorite!). I have been absolutely loving capturing toddlers lately. They’re so much fun and high in energy that honestly makes my job easy, because I don’t need to worry about having to pose them! Anything and everything they do is capture-worthy! (except when they have meltdowns and tantrums, but luckily Bizzle didn’t have one when we were shooting!)

We decided to do our shoot at TreePeople, the same location where I took Ana + Brian’s engagement photos. It has a lot of great, hidden spots, beautiful colors all year round, not crowded, and doesn’t require a permit – a photographer’s heaven!!

We had so much fun on our shoot – just look at his adorable little face!

Bizzle was such a trooper! He just kept on marching up the hill and wanted to keep exploring the world around him. He pointed at trees and airplanes, and picked up sticks and leaves that he found along the way. Curious little boy was all about mingling with nature!

Stay curious, little man! There’s so much more of the world for you to explore!


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