Family: City Hall & Old Town Pasadena

One of the most rewarding things about photographing families is watching families grow. Two years ago, I photographed the Turner Family in Old Town Pasadena, when Wyatt was only 1 year old and we had so much fun throwing him in the air and flipping him upside down. Now, they’ve welcomed Baby Emmett, which means, double the fun (and craziness!)

We ventured to Pasadena City Hall for the family photoshoot. The beautiful architecture, groomed landscaping, and no-permit makes this location every photographer’s dream! We let the boys run around a bit and steam off energy, and got some fun moments of the boys just being boys!

After about an hour, we decided to walk down memory lane and revisit the same brick wall in Old Town Pasadena where we did our first shoot with Wyatt two years ago. We got a little silly and thought it would be fun to throw Emmett around 🙂 He seemed to have enjoyed it!

Wyatt got a little jealous and wanted to get in on the fun!

Let’s take a break. Mom and dad are tired!

Every mom needs a “super hero” picture. Strike a pose Mama!

Never a dull moment with the Turners. Thanks for a super fun shoot!