LA Tourist with Friends

Last month, my two friends from London decided to vacation in California (I mean, why WOULDN’T they vacation in California?!) I took this wonderful opportunity to not only show them around Los Angeles, but to be their personal paparazzi! I say this with joy, but I don’t think they were too excited about having a big camera follow them around on their vacation. But like I tell all my clients, “just pretend I’m not even there. Do what you do best and be together.”

After two great days with my dear friends, I think I got some amazing practice and photos of them around LA landmarks. And even though they were a little nervous in front of the camera, like most people, dare I say that they seemed to have a lot more fun once they realized that there’s no way to escape me and my camera 🙂

First stop, Hollywood sign – of course!

Roma+Vicky-15  Roma+Vicky-13 Roma+Vicky-20

We then ventured around downtown and strolled around the iconic Walt Disney Concert Hall. I love the architecture of this building, so I thought it might be a good opportunity to get some practice shots and capture them as a lovely couple 🙂 Cheesy? I think Vicky liked them 🙂





Next, we met up with our friend from high school, Matty, for a lovely reunion dinner in downtown.


Day 2: I decided to show them the West side of the city, starting at the iconic Beverly Hills sign and a stroll down Rodeo Road. Yes, we only went window shopping here 😉




A vacation in Los Angeles is not complete without a visit to Santa Monica and weird Venice. We were also able to meet up with our other high school friend, Ryan, for a few beers. (I love that there are so many of fellow high school classmates in LA!) This was our last stop of the day (before heading to Boiling Crab for dinner in Alhambra).



I think I covered a good summary of LA in two days – wouldn’t you agree? See, oversea-ers, if you come visit me, I’ll give you an epic LA tour! *wink wink*



  1. by Lily Lau on October 16, 2014  3:49 pm Reply

    You're so talented as a photographer! Those photos are nice and they deserved to be in a frame forever! :) The bad thing is that the photographers are always taking photos so they barely appear in them...

    • by Janice Reinold on October 16, 2014  11:23 pm Reply

      Thank you Lily! And yes you're absolutely right - the photographer is hardly ever in the photos. But honestly, I enjoy being behind the camera and creating art :)

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