The Color Run

Life in color is more fun!

ColorRun After

Why do a boring race when you could do a run in color! That’s what 5 of my friends thought and we participated in the 5K Color Run down in Irvine today. What a fun experience! At every half mile, we ran through color stations where you literally get color thrown all over you. And if you’re unfortunate like all of us, you’ll get color all over your face and even up your nose, ears, and even in your spit. But hey, it made funny pictures so I’m not complaining.

Color Run Before

Color Run After

Color Run Before

Even though I participate in regular 10k runs I absolutely love how there are fun running events like this to motivate non-runners to start running. It’s all about baby steps, and if one can run a 5k, why not try a 10k? And before you know it, you’d be doing a half marathon (my still-to-achieve new years resolution).

I’m still not confident that I managed to wash all of the color off of me, but hey, a little color on me can’t hurt.


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