Family: TreePeople at Golden Hour

About 45mins before the sun goes down for the day, we are blessed with a beautiful, golden light that makes our world glow. We call this, golden hour. Golden hour in photography is like nature’s spotlight before sunset, casting a warm, dreamy glow that makes everything look amazing. It’s that magical time when the lighting is just perfect, adding a beautiful golden touch to photos and making them extra special. We captured the {C} Family at TreePeople in Sherman Oaks during this magical hour, and we captured that time of day beautifully in our 1hr session at this beautiful location.


Family & Maternity: Lacy Park

This maternity photography session at Lacy Park in San Marino was a heartwarming experience, capturing the anticipation and love as [Family L] embarked on their next chapter. Even with a touch of rain, the session had some beautiful candid moments that truly reflected the joy and connection within the family. In every maternity session I capture, there’s a beautiful blend of moments that reflect the essence of family and the upcoming addition. I make sure to include heartwarming pictures with the whole family, showcasing the excitement and unity during this special time. Of course, we also focus on the parents-to-be,


Newborn: In-home session with 3 week old boy

This session warms my heart. I was invited to the home of the [K] family to photograph their sweet, 3-week old boy. He spent the first half of the session sleeping peacefully where we were able to do photograph those angelic, newborn poses. I love it when we can mold newborns into little bundles of joy. Half way through the session, little boy woke up and realized that there was a photography party happening around him! So he gave us adorable smiles and big round eyes to make sure he wasn’t missing out on any of the fun! Such a


Events: Lego-themed Birthday Party

What’s more fun than a regular party? A whimsical Lego-themed party! Birthday boy turned 7 years old and his family and friends went all-out in his party and I was so excited to photograph it for them. Whether it’s a corporate, birthday, graduation or anniversary event, I always start my session photographing the venue and the details before guests arrive. There’s so much thought that goes into organizing a party, and it deserves to be documented in the slightest details. Then we take the fun, family photos. Some events require more formal settings, where we would go outside and photograph



I call myself a ‘people’ photographer, specializing in capturing the personalities of people through family, newborn and event photography. I’m originally German-Japanese and was raised embracing both cultures. I was raised in Japan and in many parts of Europe, until I finally settled in Los Angeles to call it my permanent home. My love for photography started at an early age. A fun hobby eventually turned in to a passion when I found joy in taking candid photos of my friends. Naturally, my love for photography turned in to a lifestyle and I was asked to photograph people’s milestones and celebrations. And so, my photography business was born in 2010.