Events: Birthday in San Gabriel Country Club

Out of all the types of photography services that I offer, my favorite is photographing events. Shhh… let me tell you a secret about me… I LOVE parties! And if I can do my job at a party, THIS is it! As a photographer, one of the aspects that I absolutely adore about photographing event parties is the opportunity to meet new people and observe the event as a fly-on-the-wall. I am privileged to have a front-row seat to witness the genuine interactions, emotions, and connections that unfold throughout the event. From the laughter and tears during heartfelt speeches to the candid moments of guests mingling and enjoying themselves, I am able to capture the essence of the event in my photographs. It’s fascinating to see how people come together, express themselves, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

I was honored to photography [M]’s milestone birthday at the beautiful San Gabriel Country Club. I start every event photographing the empty venue before guests arrive. The hosts/families worked so hard in putting together this beautiful event from every detail; the flowers, to the thank you gifts, to the seating arrangements. Every detail deserves to be well-documented and applauded for. Then I gather the immediate family and we do formal photos. I usually work with the host/family ahead of time so I know which groups of families and people to photograph, which makes the formal photos move SO much faster. Then the real fun begins… photographing the party! This is when I capture the energy, emotions, and candid moments of people coming together to celebrate special occasions. It’s a unique opportunity to freeze fleeting moments in time, create lasting memories, and be a part of the joy and excitement of every event.

Looking for a photographer at your next event? I’m your gal! I’m so excited to learning more about your special event and capturing the memories in stills. Hit me up!



I call myself a ‘people’ photographer, specializing in capturing the personalities of people through family, newborn and event photography. I’m originally German-Japanese and was raised embracing both cultures. I was raised in Japan and in many parts of Europe, until I finally settled in Los Angeles to call it my permanent home. My love for photography started at an early age. A fun hobby eventually turned in to a passion when I found joy in taking candid photos of my friends. Naturally, my love for photography turned in to a lifestyle and I was asked to photograph people’s milestones and celebrations. And so, my photography business was born in 2010.

Family: Eaton Canyon

There’s never a dull moment capturing three young children! We photographed the session at Eaton Canyon, a hiking trail in the mountains of Altadena, shortly past 5pm just before sunset, to catch the best light


Event: Barbie-themed Birthday Party

Capturing the essence of childhood wonderment, I had the delightful opportunity to photograph a Barbie-themed birthday celebration. From the moment I stepped into the venue, it was like stepping into Barbie’s dreamhouse – if Barbie