Hello! I’m Janice Hiromi.

I’m a family photographer in the Pasadena, CA area.

I’ve been taking pictures my entire life. But I discovered my love for portrait / people photography when I started to take candid photos of my friends more than 10+ years ago. There was something so beautiful about capturing the essence of a personality that didn’t involve posing. I loved how ‘real’ the photos looked, and even more so, that I’m able to tangibly hold this moment of time in my hands. Naturally, I started to apply this journalistic approach in my photography.

My goal in every session is to photograph you/your loved one’s personality. Whether that is to chase each other around a tree, throw leaves at one another, or make funny faces, I’m there to capture it all for you. I may ask you to ‘smile’ so that you can hang a nice photo over your fireplace mantel, but I don’t force any poses. I observe and photograph those precious moments that can’t be recreated. At the end of the day, it’s those ‘precious moments’ that make up life and the memories that we will remember. Think of me as a fly on your wall; sometimes you might even forget that I’m there!

While my specialty is Family and Portrait, I have done countless Wedding & Engagements sessions, and continue to practice my craft on landscapes/nature, animals, architecture, and other subjects. I take my camera anywhere I can and never stop training my creative eye!

I’m a member of the Professional Photographers of America and Professional Photographers of California. I’m also a mom to a highly energetic toddler boy, and I enjoy spending time with my beloved black cat.

What does Chasing Hiromi mean?

I’m originally German-Japanese (yes, I speak both languages fluently) and “Hiromi” is my Japanese name. I introduced myself as Hiromi when I was a kid but switched to my middle name, “Janice”, when I started to learn English at age 9. I made the transition because I wanted to fit in with the other kids by having an American name. I don’t regret making the switch but I also don’t want to forget my humble beginnings as “Hiromi”.

To keep my name alive, I’ve decided to call my online presence “Hiromi”.  You’ll see that my social networks, photography and other self-made creative works are labeled in my Japanese name. The “Chasing” symbolizes the constant self-reminder of my roots and Japanese background.


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