Chasing Hiromi Photography

I’m Janice Hiromi.

I’m a trained photographer based in Los Angeles with a background in marketing and TV productions.

I love working with people. My goal in photography is to capture your personality – your spirit, if you will – that makes you “you” so I always spend time to get to know you prior to a shoot.  My style is very journalistic. I do very little posing and enjoy capturing candid moments that can’t be recreated. It’s important to me that I photograph the current “You” – your emotions & feelings – as the “You” today could change any day.

Photography, to me, is more than just storytelling. I love what I do because I capture emotions, and turn them into memorabilia. Emotions fade over time, and it’s my job as a photographer to make sure that your images trigger the same, priceless emotions you’ve felt on the day the photo was taken. I’m honored when I’m asked to become one’s photographer, because I feel he/she is inviting me into a memorable time of their life and I’m trusted to capture it for them.

While my speciality is Wedding & Engagements, I practice my photography on portraits,  landscapes/nature, animals, architecture, and other subjects I think are beautiful. I take my camera anywhere I can and never stop training my creative eye!

I’m a member of the Professional Photographers of America, Professional Photographers of California and volunteer at the Professional Photographers of Los Angeles. I enjoy practicing yoga, running marathons, and spending time with my family and beloved cat.

What does Chasing Hiromi mean?

I’m originally German-Japanese, and “Hiromi” is my Japanese name. I introduced myself as Hiromi when I was a kid, but switched to my middle name, “Janice”, when I started to learn English at age 9. I made the transition because I wanted to fit in with the other kids by having an American name. I don’t regret making the switch but I also don’t want to forget my humble beginnings as “Hiromi”.

To keep my name alive, I’ve decided to call my online presence “Hiromi”.  You’ll see that my social networks, photography and other self-made creative works are labeled in my Japanese name. The “Chasing” symbolizes the constant self-reminder of my roots and Japanese background.


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