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Our Tree Up Close

I love browsing online for Christmas tree pictures. They all look so magical and cozy with their twinkling lights and sentimental decorations. As I sit on the couch, I look at our tree and realize that most of our decorations have a story behind them. Some are his that he’s had for a while, and some are mine, but we are gradually starting to grow our collection together. For instances, […]

LA Tourist with Friends

Last month, my two friends from London decided to vacation in California (I mean, why WOULDN’T they vacation in California?!) I took this wonderful opportunity to not only show them around Los Angeles, but to be their personal paparazzi! I say this with joy, but I don’t think they were too excited about having a big camera follow them around on their vacation. But like I tell all my clients, […]

A Night at the 626 Night Market

A couple weekends ago, I finally made it out to the 626 Night Market in Arcadia. The night market was first described to me a couple years ago as a vibrant, Asian food market that includes entertainment and performances by local artists. I imagined the night market to be like a big “matsuri” (Japanese summer festival) which I have fond memories of when I was a kid, so I hoped […]

Annual Brunch

Every so often, we come across influential people who are on their way to conquering the world. Alright, that might be slightly over-exaggerated but I feel I’ve been fortunate to meet some inspiring people in my life. I’m happy to say that I met such inspiring people at the annual brunch at the beautiful Westlake Village Inn. Founded by Debbie Wilderoe, is a local organization that focuses on […]

My Neighborhood

You know how some people say that “you never know how good it was until it’s gone?” Well, I’m about to move out of my beautiful neighborhood of Marina Del Rey where I’ve lived for the past 3 years. As my time in my neighborhood draws closer to an end, I’m starting to feel rather appreciative of living in the West Side, and being able to walk down to the […]

Anniversary Maui Paradise

It’s already been a year since Mikey and I started dating! What better way to celebrate our anniversary than spend 4 days in Paradise, yes, in Maui! Even though our flight was at the crack of dawn (well, 7am, but it felt early to me!) I was super giddy at the airport. I had to stop myself from getting coffee because I didn’t want to annoy the poor people around me. I […]

San Diego Zoo Getaway

Every so often, Mikey and I have an urge to get out of LA. Don’t get me wrong, we both love living here, but we feel that we can appreciate the city even more when we spend some time away from it. We planned for a short, weekend getaway to our neighboring city, San Diego!   Because I’m a total photo geek, I wanted to use my 70-200mm lens to […]

Joshua Path Concert

I love it when I find out that my coworkers have hobbies outside of the office. Well, I’m sure most do, but I feel that it’s quite rare that we’re invited to be part of it. Josh is one of the guys in the Creative department, so  it wasn’t too big of a surprise to learn that he plays and sings in his own band, Joshua Path. Along with other […]

Venice at Night

One random Thursday, a little while ago, I got a little tipsy. And when I get tipsy, I tend to become very inspired and creative… I was browsing through photos on Flickr and was amazed at how different a location I knew so well, such as the main intersection in Venice, looked in these pictures. I found myself becoming frustrated at myself for not taking the initiative to go out […]

Experimenting with a Beauty Dish

Outgoing, energetic, and beautiful… that’s Denise! Denise and I started our shoot in the corner of a brick wall in downtown LA just before sundown. I wanted to create an edgy look for her, almost like a “bad girl” look. I used dramatic lighting to emphasize the details of the bricks and asked her to give me dramatic positions to convey the look. After dark, we did a photo session […]