Family: Old Town Pasadena

What great joy to capture the high spirits of the Turner Family! I met Stefanie at our local park, naturally because my son wanted to play with her little boy, Wyatt! When you’re a mom, we just tend to gravitate towards each other because we already have motherhood in common! Stefanie told me that Wyatt just turned 1 (happy belated birthday Wyatt!!) and she’s been meaning to take family photos but hasn’t found “the” photographer. Look no further Stefanie, I’m your gal!

We decided to keep things local and stick around our beautiful neighborhood of Old Town Pasadena. We love the brick stone walls and fun textures as backgrounds – so many hidden gems in our area!

These guys are such goofballs! We had so much fun just being silly with Wyatt. I mean, these photos really captured the essence of the Turners!

After some silly times, we decided to stroll over to the playground to take some cute candid shots of Wyatt. Because, hey, what’s more natural than capturing a one-year-old playing?!

Dad wanted to get in on the action and get silly with Wyatt. I mean, dads are meant to throw kids over their heads and shoulders, right?!

I absolutely LOVE candids. Some of life’s most precious moments are made up of those special parts of your day that you’ll fondly look back on. It may seem exhausting at the time (like when you’re chasing your kid down a hill) but at the end of the day, you smile because those small exhausting moments fill up the most in your heart.

Mom and Dad love you, Wyatt! Happy belated first birthday!


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