Our Tree Up Close

I love browsing online for Christmas tree pictures. They all look so magical and cozy with their twinkling lights and sentimental decorations.

As I sit on the couch, I look at our tree and realize that most of our decorations have a story behind them. Some are his that he’s had for a while, and some are mine, but we are gradually starting to grow our collection together. For instances, since our first Christmas together (err, last year), Mike and I buy one ornament from Disneyland that represents “us” of that year. Last year, it was one of Mickey and Minnie riding a horse, and this year it was Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Hmm, now that I think out loud, I’m not sure how that represents “us” in any way, but there was some sort of logical thinking at the time of our purchase 😉




I also love our Mr. and Mrs. Claus in Hawaii ornament. We purchased that one in Maui this year on our anniversary trip. At the time, Christmas seemed so far away, and I had completely forgotten about it until we started decorating our tree. It’s probably one of my favorites 🙂


And of course, as a sports fan, Mike just HAD to deck our tree with his favorite teams 😉



Cuddle up with your loved ones and have a Happy Holiday!


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