Colorado Trip

Every trip should be a new experience.

Otherwise what’s the point of going on a trip? Life is about trying new things and being able to relate to new experiences – it’s what makes everyday so fun and exciting. Granted, not everyday has to be a new experience, but I think it’s important for us to face each day with optimism.

Here are my 10 new experiences within the past 3 days:

  1. It was my first time being in that part of the country
  2. I saw a “Volcano Shelter” sign at the airport
  3. I had grits, and it was disgusting
  4. I tried fermented wine and it was amazing!
  5. I had Moroccan food for the first time!
  6. I belly danced in front of an audience and it was extremely embarrassing
  7. I visited a new college campus
  8. I bought my first long dress (I never owned one before because I thought I’m too short for it)
  9. I learned how to knot pearls
  10. I made a new friend


I call myself a ‘people’ photographer, specializing in capturing the personalities of people through family, newborn and event photography. I’m originally German-Japanese and was raised embracing both cultures. I was raised in Japan and in many parts of Europe, until I finally settled in Los Angeles to call it my permanent home. My love for photography started at an early age. A fun hobby eventually turned in to a passion when I found joy in taking candid photos of my friends. Naturally, my love for photography turned in to a lifestyle and I was asked to photograph people’s milestones and celebrations. And so, my photography business was born in 2010.

Family: Eaton Canyon

There’s never a dull moment capturing three young children! We photographed the session at Eaton Canyon, a hiking trail in the mountains of Altadena, shortly past 5pm just before sunset, to catch the best light


Event: Barbie-themed Birthday Party

Capturing the essence of childhood wonderment, I had the delightful opportunity to photograph a Barbie-themed birthday celebration. From the moment I stepped into the venue, it was like stepping into Barbie’s dreamhouse – if Barbie


Family: Bailey Canyon in the morning

During a morning photoshoot in Bailey Canyon, I was excited to capture the enduring happiness and love of a returning family. The familial bonds were prominently featured in each photograph, with genuine smiles and shared